Our Team

The Montague Fresh Management Team

  • Scott Montague

    Scott Montague

    • Executive Director
    • General Manager Retail
    • Scott has been working at Montague for 18 years
    • Scott’s current role as Business Manager of Sales and Procurement for Montague Fresh, both domestically and internationally, gives him a wide understanding of the requirements of domestic and international markets and their supply chains alike
    • Scott enjoys the working relationships that have been built over time with excellent staff, growers and customers, and believes it’s important to have fun whilst at work, even though it’s a challenging environment.
  • Hamish Montague

    Hamish Montague

    • Executive Director
    • General Manager Montague Fresh (QLD)
    • Has been a shareholder since 1993 and has been an Executive Director of Montague since 2004. Hamish has also been a Director of various industry bodies including Australian Fresh Fruit Company (AFFCO), the Orchardists and Fruit Coolstores Association of Victoria (OFCSAV), a founding Director of Fruit Growers Victoria (FGV). He is currently a Director of Brismark Pty Ltd since 2013, Director and Deputy Chairman of the Australian Chamber of Fruit and Vegetable Industries (now called Fresh Markets Australia) since 2013 and Founding Director of www.BuyFruit.com.au
  • Tim Montague

    Tim Montague

    • Executive Director
    • General Manager Orchards
    • Tim has 16 years experience with Montague and holds a Diploma in Transport and Distribution Management
    • Tim's role requies a focus to achieve world best practise in cost effective quality growing of fresh produce. Develop cost effective resources, ensure appropriate risk management and achieve world best practise.
    • Tim says that working for Montague iexcellent in regards to the quality of individuals who work within the organisations .
  • Rowan Little

    Rowan Little

    • General Manager Business Development and IP
    • Rowan's position as General Manager Business Development and IP requires the management of the overall process of taking key products from breeder through to the end customer. This means working with breeders, growers (including our orchards), packing technologies, transport and logistics services providers, retailers and the end consumer
    • Rowan's key motivation for coming to work each day is the love for the products we handle."Apples, Pears and Stonefruit are staple products the world over as well as consisting of an endless range of flavours and uses. On top of all that they are really good for you!"
  • Leigh Curran

    Leigh Curran

    • Logistics Manager
    • Leigh has 16 years in warehouse/inventory management and recently received his Certificate 4 Transport & Logistics and Certificate 4 in Frontline Management
    • Leigh's job is to oversee all aspects of production & distribution for Montague Fresh Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales
    • Leigh enjoys working at Montague because there is always a new challenge or an opportunity to make improvements to the business. The family atmosphere. The people.
  • Gavin Wylie

    Gavin Wylie

    • Marketing Manager
    • Gavin has 15 years experience in Marketing and holds a Bachelor of Business Management, majoring in Marketing from Monash University
    • Gavin's role is to develop and implement marketing and promotional campaigns for new products including new product development and brand management.
    • Gavin believes that seeing a project from it's beginning to end and being a part of the entire process is very rewarding. It's also great to meet our growers and hear how our marketing campaigns help their sales.
  • Claire Fitchett

    Claire Fitchett

    • International Trade Development Manager
    • Claire holds a Bachelor of Business and Commerce majoring in International Business and a Graduate Certificate in Asian Studies. Claire joined Montague in 2015 after several years’ experience in Government and Industry food trade roles.
    • Claire is responsible for developing the export and import business of Montague Fresh. She is passionate about supplying premium Montague stonefruit, apples, pears and specialty items from our grower base to customers overseas and loves seeing Montague fruit on shelf in supermarkets around the world!
    • Claire also works closely with overseas suppliers to import products into Australia to meet consumers’ demand for great tasting, fresh, branded products.
  • Krys Lockhart

    Krys Lockhart

    • Technical Manager
    • Bachelor of Horticultural Science (with Honours).
    • Oversee and liaise on all technical topics (both pre and postharvest) on our own properties, in our production areas, with broader grower network and as well as our customers.
    • Exceptionally proud to be part of such a passionate and motivated team that is nurturing and supportive of adopting industry best practise across all areas of the business. As well constantly driving the standard of innovation forward on our own properties as well as with our broader grower network.
  • Mick Hume

    Mick Hume

    • Transport Manager
    • Mick has over 18 years experience in transport and logistics and has held varying roles in FMCG environment including working overseas in the London. He has an Associated Diploma in Marketing and a Bachelor in Business from RMIT University.
    • Mick's position is overseeing the successful movement of product from the Montague orchard network to end consumer. His responsibility is to manage both local fleet and external fleet trucks through the supply chain process. Mick's goals are clear - maximize the business department potential, capabilities and meeting the demands of an ever changing environment and delivering on time and in full.
    • Mick enjoys watching the success of his team contribution to the overall business and supply chain process. He prides himself on efficient delivery of products from farm to the customer. "It's great going into a supermarket and seeing a customer buying first hand and knowing where the product has come from and the effort of my team to get it there"