Case Study

The Jazz™ Apple Marketing Experience

Montague Fresh are the exclusive licensees for Jazz™ Apples in Australia.

Jazz™ was introduced to the Australian domestic market in 2007, however many years of planning was required prior to this new variety was launched.

Prior to planting this zingy, tangy, crunchy and juicy new Gala Braeburn cross, a Marketing and Business Plan was developed and growers contracted to the Jazz™ Program. This plan detailed the strategy for Jazz™ including a brand positioning profile, a sales and marketing plan and technical specifications.

The success of the program to date has been due to a number of factors including strict rules and guidelines for growers and pack houses entering the program to ensure that a team approach delivering quality and consistency is achieved throughout the country.

All members of the program participate in Technical Fields Days and International Study Tours to ensure that growing techniques are world class.

The final piece to the puzzle has been the significant financial investment in the promotion of the brand. This promotional program has built a strong market demand for this delicious new apple. The promotional program includes: radio, engagement with a brand ambassador, public relations, printed advertising materials, food shows and sampling and of course social media. Promotional elements are delivered to retailers, wholesalers, media outlets and direct to consumers.

Scifresh (Jazz™) trees were first planted in 2006. Today we produce approximately 200,000 x 12kg cartons with a vision and planting regime that will peak at around 600,000 cartons in the next 3 years.

The Montague Group are proud of the Jazz™ apple, the team involved in the program and the interest that both wholesale, retailer and consumers have portrayed to the scrumptious new apple. If you haven’t yet tried a Jazz™ apple please do we know you won’t be disappointed!