Our process

At Montague Fresh we don’t see ourselves as sellers of a commodity; Our people are marketers of branded consumer products.

With that in mind, our greatest strength as a business is our ability to differentiate ourselves from our competitors through varietal development.

 Montague Fresh have been key players in the marketing of the following apple and pear varieties:

  • Jazz™ Apples through exclusive licencing from Enza.
  • Eve™ Apples through exclusive licencing from Heartland
  • Pink Lady® apples in association with the International Pink Lady Alliance (IPLA)
  • Working and developing various apple and pear varieties with Prevar.
  • Ambrosia® apples in association with PICO Canada.
  • Taylor’s Gold pears through exclusive licencing with Enza
  • Red Fleshed Apples through the IFO-RED Program, France

Montague Fresh are also involved in the marketing of various stonefruit varieties such as:

  • Licensee of Sunworld varieties in Australia
  • Exlusive licensee of PSB stonefruit varieties, Spain
  • Exclusive licensee of selected Bradford genetics cultivars in Australia.

Montague are one of the founding shareholder of the International Pome Fruit Alliance (IPA) which is a company formed by leading apple and pear growers torn from around the world. This company is principally engaged in the assessment and commercialisation of new apple and pear varieties globally. As a founding member, Montague has taken a lead role in developing R&D activities designed to ensure that we are always the first to introduce new, exciting varieties into the Australian market.