Variety Management

Montague Fresh are the industry leaders in exclusive variety manamgement

Montague Fresh get involved from the early stages of varietal testing as we believe you can’t effectively market a product until you’ve familiarised yourself with its strengths and understood its appeal.

Montague Fresh protect our brands through trademarking, Plant Breeders Rights and varietal registration. We have extensive experience in the management of Intellectual Property. Most of the varieties we plant and market today are trademark protected and have been afforded PBR protection.

We are constantly exploring new business development opportunities including the procurement of exciting new varieties and introducing them to the Australian market.

Montague invest around $200,000 per annum on variety evaluation for both exclusive varieties and free release varieties. This involves assessing new selections in the field, post harvest and via consumer taste panels.

Montague have the exclusive rights to PSB (France) Breeding program in Australia and the Bradford Farms (USA) plum breeding program. We are also one of 2 licensees for Sun World stonefruit in Australia.

Montague Fresh has an impressive collection of exclusive varieties to their name, with more new and exciting products being developed in Australia over the next 10 years.