Our Suppliers

Montague Fresh have a network of over 400 Australian Apple, Pear & Stonefruit Growers.

Montague key supply partners are selected because they exhibit the following characteristics:

  1. An expert grower who has dealt with Montague over many years.
  2. Is located in a growing district that is proven to produce the best product available
  3. Is contractually tied to Montague through growing arrangements for Exclusive Montague varieties.
  4. Provides a plan of supply for Montague to manage each season.
  5. Montague have made financial investments with our supply partners.

80% of our product is sourced from our supply partners. Montague Fresh works with approximately 30 packhouses located throughout Australia. The largest of these is the Montague Packhouse at Narre Warren North,Victoria.

The Fresh team work very closely with our network of growers, committed to ensuring their long term future and profitability. Relationships with all key stakeholders in the growing process is paramount  to the Australian industry’s sustainability and long term success.