Montague Fresh are growers, procurers and marketers of many commercial apple varieties grown in Australia.

As well as commodity varieties, Montague grow and market a range of exclusive varieties sourced from overseas breeders. You can learn more about these varieties in Exclusive to Montague

  • Pink Lady™

    Pink Lady™

    • Pink Lady™ Apples are characterised by their bright pink blushed skin
    • Pink Lady™ apples are relatively large with a firm, sweet, crisp, juicy flesh.
    • Available late April - December
    • A beautiful eating apple but also perfect for pies and sauces.
  • Royal Gala

    Royal Gala

    • Royal Galas are a medium sized sweet apple with a stripy skin
    • Royal Gala is available from early February - October
    • Galas have a sweet flavour, which makes them ideal for pies, sauces and salads.
  • Fuji


    • A delicate and sweet variety, Fujis are one of the best eating apples
    • Fuji apples are available mid April - December
    • Fujis are great in salads and can be used in pies, sauces and can be frozen.
  • Granny Smith

    Granny Smith

    • Granny Smith are coverted for their crisp tart flavour and bright white flesh.
    • Granny Smiths are harvested in March and available all year round.
    • The ultimate cooking apple, Grannies are great for baking, freezing, making salads, sauces and pies.
  • Sundowner™


    • Sundowner™ apples have a delicious taste with the sugar levels improving during storage.
    • Sundowner™ apples are available September - February.
    • Sundowner™ apples are perfect for baking and are a great summer apple.
  • Red Delicious

    Red Delicious

    • Red Delicious is a medium to large apple that can be eaten all year round.
    • They have a medium sweetness are crisp with white, juicy flesh.
    • Use Red Delicious apples in salads for an extra treat.
  • Golden Delicious

    Golden Delicious

    • Golden Delicious are mdium sized and are characterised by their freckly yellow skin
    • Popular in tarts and pies, Golden Del can be caramelised for cakes and muffins.
    • Golden Delicious is available from late March - November.