Coming Soon…

New varieties coming soon…

Envy™ Apple
New Zealand

Excluive to Montague in Australia, Envy is a rich apple with ruby-red skin. It has luscious, sweet, white flesh that stays whiter longer.

Smitten™ Apple
New Zealand

Exclusive to Montague in Australia, Smitten is an apple with a bite sensation that we have been looking for! A combination of full flavour, juiciness, and a sweet-ness rating of Brix >15

Ambrosia™ Apple

Exclusive to Montague in Australia, the Ambrosia apple has a very intense sweet flavour, juicy & aromatic with a creamy coloured flesh.

Red Fleshed Apples

Montague have been appointed the sole Australian representative of the IFO-RED Breeding program and will be the first to introduce red fleshed apples to the Australian market