Eve™ Apples

Eve™ is sweet but tangy and is loaded with juice and natural sugars.

The Eve™ Apple is a new apple on the Australian market, easily identified by its bright red skin. What makes the Eve™ apple so unique is its delicate balance of flavours which makes Eve™ the perfect eating apple and a favourite with the whole family. The firmness and superb white flesh of Eve™also make it a versatile cooking apple.

Eve™’s slow oxidisation (when the apple flesh reacts to oxygen, turning it brown) makes it the perfect apple for salads and lunchboxes.

The Eve™apple was discovered in New Zealand after an orchardist found it growing on a tree beside his other varieties. Eve™is a member of the Braeburn family, but stands out from regular Braeburns due to its brilliant red skin.

In Australia, Eve™is grown by Aussie Orchardists in cool mountainous regions such as Batlow in New South Wales and the Huon Valley in Tasmania. The cool air rolling off the mountains combined with the rich soil from the neighbouring rivers gives Eve™a freshness, crispiness and pureness unmatched by any other apple.

Here in Australia, Coles Supermarkets are the exclusive retailers of Eve™. The Eve™ season commences in May and will be available in Coles Supermarkets in all Eastern States from mid May through to July.