Our stonefruit products are selected for their high eating quality and exceptional taste and are 100% Australian grown

Montague Fresh also have an exclusive range of plums which you can learn more about on The Montague Tree or Croc Eggs page.

  • The Montague Tree

    The Montague Tree

    • the MONTAGUE tree brand is a guarantee of quality
  • Croc Eggs

    Croc Eggs

    • CROC EGGS are new delicious Australian plum varieties exclusively available at Woolworths Supermarkets.
  • Apricots


    • Orange Skin with a soft yellow flesh
    • Excellent balance of sweet/acid flavours
  • Honeycot™ Apricots

    Honeycot™ Apricots

    • Attractive Pink Blush and soft yellow flesh
    • Excellent acid balanced flavour
  • Yellow Flesh Nectarines

    Yellow Flesh Nectarines

    • Red skin with a yellow flesh
    • Excellent sugar/acid balance of flavours
    • Varieties include: HoneySweet™, Honey Blaze, Honey Royale, Zeefire, August Fire and Red Roy
  • White Flesh Nectarines

    White Flesh Nectarines

    • Large Nectarines with Pink/purple blush and white flesh
    • Varieties include Diamond Pearl and Rose Pearl
    • Low in acid and very high in sugar
  • Yellow Flesh Peaches

    Yellow Flesh Peaches

    • Red skin with a yellow flesh
    • Excellent sugar/acid balance of flavours
    • Varieties include: Henry 2, Super Rich, Summer Flame 2 and Summer Flame 3
  • White Flesh Peaches

    White Flesh Peaches

    • Varieties include: Ivory Princess and Sunlit Snow
    • Large Peach with a pink blush skin and white flesh
    • Low in acid and very high in sugar
  • Montague Tree Brand Plums

    Montague Tree Brand Plums

    • Exclusive to Montague, these plums come in a range of colours and flavours including Red Flesh/Red Skin, Red Flesh/Black Skin and Yellow Flesh/ Red Skin
    • Please see the Montague Tree page in Exclusive to Montague to learn more
  • Black Diamond® Plums

    Black Diamond® Plums

    • A series of 4 plum varieties
    • Black skin with a red flesh
    • A large plum with a very sweet taste
  • Red Flesh Plums

    Red Flesh Plums

    • Large Plum with very high levels of natural sugar
    • Varieties include: SuPlum 11, SuPlum 22, Primetime, (Black Diamond), Autumn Honey and Sunrise
  • Yellow Flesh Plums

    Yellow Flesh Plums

    • Large sweet and juicy plums with a red to yellow skin
    • Varieties include: October Sun and Flavour Fall